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Hello and Happy World Diabetes Day! As The Betes nears our 1 year birthday, reflecting back on the past year certainly leaves me with a lot of food for thought.

What are our next steps? What do we keep with us for next year, and what do we let go of?

And the ever-present voice-howl inside my brain pierces me with “Are you insane for doing this?”

The answer is undoubtedly, no….
well, and yes.

Unlike the terrible negligence of last year regarding the blog, I will be posting fairly regularly– not as regularly as proper “bloggers” but I think, enough to have you – reader- coming back.

My next post will be summarizing last weekends Expressive Arts Therapies Summit that I attended right here in NYC.

In the meantime- look at our brand spankin’ new website.
Do you like it?
Do you have a clearer sense of who we are and what we are doing?
Does anything confuse you?

Let’s keep a global perspective in understanding the complexity of the #World Diabetes Day that we find ourselves in.

with love and fragility,