Target Audience: Suitable for children and tweens ages 5 – 12 and their families.

THE OVERNEATH! is a laughter-and-tears inducing interactive theater experience that tells the story of Marina, a person with Type 1 diabetes, discovering a rich world of emotion that surrounds a new found neighbor… Mr. Betes. Is he a friend? an enemy? a rival? an accomplice?… or all of the above? This 45 minute show incorporates surprising puppetry, beautiful bursts of magic, metaphor, poetry, music and song all along the journey of transforming something we all know – Type 1 diabetes – into an experience that reveals rich lessons in what it means to live well with this chronic condition.
Program Structure:
The 45-minute theater show is followed by workshops with both children and adults, including a Make Your Own BETES! Session.

Our BETES Family Program was developed by two artists, a medical psychologist, a drama therapist, and moms and dads who have raised children with Type 1.

Appropriate for the following venues:

– Diabetes Camps
– Schools
– Conferences
– Private events

2016 BETES Family Program was made possible through funding support by Novo Nordisk and the Lawrence W. Levine Foundation. It was brought to Camp Conrad Chinook in California through generous sponsorship by InsuletOmnipod.